Lost (3/18/15)

Wow, you're the first guy I actually took my time to know.
We had amazing conversations. Grown up conversations. Sexy conversations. Intellectual conversations.
The first time we had sex, we had already been on 3 dates in 2 months.
Ever since that day, things have changed. We don't have those conversations.
You don't tell me you miss me. You don't tell me you want me. You don't tell me you want to see me and kiss me.
It's been a month since we saw each other. Going on 2.
Maybe I'm not what you expected.

I told you I was fat. I told you my pictures may not show all my flaws.
But you told me you see me and you liked what you saw.

Yet here I am, confused and lost.

Was that all a ploy to get with me? You didn't have to do all that.

If you don't want to talk to me anymore, just say so. Or don't respond to my texts.

I'm getting mixed signals. Idk what to do!