La Historia

Nine years have passed since we first met. I still think about what we had. It was really good. I think the happiest I've ever been. I did anything and everything for you.

Six years ago u made the worst decision of my life. Left me here, alone. Took off to Colorado, why? I dont know. At that same time it was also the best decision of your life. You've been changing your life around. Im so happy for you. Just wished I would have been the reason for you to want to change.

Two weeks ago you called me because you needed a friend to talk with.  We spoke longer than I thought we would.  You told me how much you missed me.  About how we were good together.  Almost made me think I wanted to get back with you.

I've realized that we will never be, again.  Never once did we have a ridiculous arguement.  Always kept me happy. Everytime I saw you or heard your voice, I'd have a smile on my face. No matter what you did I always had your back.

Now I've met someone, who may or may not like me. I get those same feelings for him. I'm not saying he's the one, but he makes me smile and right now thats what I need. I wish you'd understand that I've grown up a lot since we 16/17yrs old. 

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