Mary Jane
These are probably the first things you thought of when you saw 4/20.
But for me it has a different meaning.

It reminds me that 10 days earlier was my moms bday. And now it's that someone special's bday.

He means so much to me and doesn't even realize it.

I hear his voice and it makes me smile. I drive to his place and everytime... I get butterflies in my stomach.

He hasn't realized how much he means to me. But at any given time I am prepared to let him go his way.

Never been one to have to fight for someone's love and affection.

I've always said it. My feet are firmly set on earth. I know I may or may not meet the guy of my dreams. I just hope to meet that guy that will make me laugh and cry of happiness. Just wants to hold me and cuddle.

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