I know I'm book smart, even a bit street smart. Apparently not so much "heart" smart. It's hard for me to understand how I can have such a big heart, be funny, be cute (yes I do think so), & ye maybe not the best physical appearance; yet still not have anyone special in my life. I see how girls cheat on their man and use them for their money or just manipulate them. My own friends, unfortunately. I'm here waiting to be found, I can't seem to fimd him so hopefully he finds me soon.

Every night I lay in my bed in my apartment...alone. dreaming, hoping, wishing to meet someone who will cuddle and hold my hand at night. Always wondering if it will ever happen to me. I want to give my all to that guy that puts a smile on my face. Maybe ive already met him or maybe not but I just want to know when will he be in arms at night ?

I want to be happy. I want hugs, kisses, embraces, LOVE!

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